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Relative Adoptive Foster Parent Training

RAFT (Relative, Adoptive, Foster Parent Training) is a training developed by the New Mexico Children, Youth, and Families Department for prospective foster and adoptive parents. It was designed to help meet the training needs of foster and adoptive parents as you prepare to welcome a child into your home. RAFT is a blended learning experience, a course with two face-to-face classroom sessions and four web-based lessons. To preview the content please scroll over the lessons below. (Log-in information is provided in the Q+A panel below.)

Lesson 1:
Our Parenting Options
Lesson 2:
Our Children and Youth in Care
Lesson 3:
Our Older Youth
Lesson 4:
Our Foster and Adoptive Families
Lesson 5:
Safe Sleep for Infants

An Engaging and Informative Process

Getting Started

We welcome participants to RAFT—a key part of the foster and adoptive parent licensing process. To participate in RAFT, please contact the Protective Services office in your county and speak with your regional recruitment specialist. If you are a relative foster parent, please ensure your Placement Worker is aware you will be attending RAFT. Visit NM Statewide Foster and Adoptive Parent Navigators Map here.

Once you are ready to participate in RAFT and attend the first (of two) classroom session, participants receive log-in information to explore the RAFT website that houses the four lessons. Contact your CYFD representative or RAFT facilitator with any questions about starting or participating in RAFT.


Common Questions + Answers

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The RAFT is designed for people who wish to become foster or adoptive parents. It is also a requirement for those relative who are placing a child/youth in their home.

The RAFT is a blended learning experience with both classroom and web-based instruction. The face-to-face classroom instruction is a total of 6 hours, divided into two 3-hour sessions. The classroom instruction may be scheduled on a weekday evening from 6-9 or on a Saturday. The four website lessons may take between 1 and 3 hours each.

The training is usually held at the local county Protective Services office.

The RAFT facilitators are Protective Services staff with expertise in the foster and adoptive parenting process.

The RAFT facilitator can provide RAFT participants with print versions of all the web-based materials and resources. We can also direct those who don't have access to the Internet to local public access such as public libraries and colleges.

Fostering or adopting a child in New Mexico requires that a potential parent take RAFT.

The two classroom sessions are designed to be taken in sequence. Ideally, most offices will offer the two face-to-face classroom lessons once a month.

Yes, all adults who live in the home need to take RAFT.

The content is very similar, with the website housing different areas of interest.

Please contact your local Protective Services office and speak with the local recruitment specialist. We appreciate your interest and will work to create a foster and adoptive parent training process that fits your schedule and learning style.

A Commitment that Produces Powerful and Positive Results

Making A Difference

On any given day in New Mexico, nearly 2,500 children need short or long term care. Your commitment as foster or adoptive parents strengthens families and empowers our children and youth currently in Protective Services care. We are grateful to those who open their hearts and homes.